What is in a name

So how did we arrive at this name, PROTEAN PUBLISHING? In the Odyssey, there is a tale about the kidnapping of the sea-god Proteus by a greek rover, Menelaus. Proteus’s retort to being kidnapped was to keep on changing his shape – hence the word `protean´ Design is protean. You have no sooner caught design technology in one shape than it changes shape like Proteus – sometimes almost beyond recognition. Naming my business Protean reminds me to adapt, constantly, to stay relevant.

On to Mobile

Over the course of the last decade, we went from a very small subset of the world’s population using Palm Pilots and PDAs to 2.53 billion people having smartphones in 2018. That’s exactly 1/3 of every single person on Earth. So if your current marketing strategy isn’t focusing specifically on mobile SEO…that should change!

Responsive design

Mobile-user-friendliness just became even more important.


Mobile-friendliness is an important factor in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Google has just rolled out an update that made mobile websites even more important. It’s a significant change, and it could have a negative impact on your SEO if you’re unprepared.

The new update is called the ‘mobile-first index’. With this change, the search giant will prioritize your website’s mobile version on its result pages. If you want to stay abreast of these changes and your website relevant, you will have to adapt! It is a brave new world!

The main change is that Google will now index and rank websites by giving priority to their mobile versions. In other words, if your website provides a shoddy mobile experience, your SEO efforts will take a hit both on desktops and mobiles.


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