It is evident: we all need partners. And having the right partner will allow you to focus on the areas of your unique expertise, ceding certain specialties to people best prepared to manage.

Our task is about understanding context and how to properly use that to impact people.

How do people form opinions, what cause a change in people’s  behaviour, why do certain brands fall from favour, what social forces influence regard? Understanding this science is fundamental to our business.

We see Facebook rolling out ads within Messenger, Snapchat offers their advertisers sophisticated metrics…we live in a mobile first world.

Consider the boom in live streaming: digital platforms that replicate the look and feel of traditional television are growing at a phenomenal pace, adding to their unique visitors daily. So where will you place your ad, link your site to engage with your potential customers? How do you get them to interact, to participate?

Get to know your customer.

Plan then: (it goes something like this)

  • identify which customer to engage and how they should engage
  • group them with others in similar behaviours and attitudes
  • identify activities to pin engagement opportunities
  • come up with that million hit idea
  • map the xperience for future application