Imagine your web site on a mobile device.

It is far less cluttered, getting to the content your client is searching for is much easier and done faster. It is because the interfaces are less cluttered.

We need simplicity. We need to remember what our clients need, what the business goals are. Then use xsisting technology to offer content to answer those needs and do away with all the awesome tricks, bells and whistles which merely clutter and confuse. Consider all the sites with its multi-column grids with myriad content boxes all over the page; multi-level navigation schemes; long rows of tiny icons and links; rollovers, overlays, and flyovers; containers with shadows, highlights, and heavy colour gradients.

Consider the mobile device as platform, start the design process with simplicity at its base, easy to use, obvious navigation content. We should let technology catch up with design, not the other way round.